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New Episode of Scott Baio’s Take On Life Podcast!

Technology, in the form of AI, is threatening the jobs of writers in Hollywood. How is this progress impacting our everyday lives? Scott was amazed recently by his experience with a self-driving car. Mark Jones, a movie and TV writer, was impressed by AI’s convenience with artwork and design, but isn’t convinced of its quality of writing. George Saadi believes that AI offers great tools, but lacks the human element of inspiration. Check out the new episode of Scott Baio’s Take On Life, and watch us try out AI in writing a script. Questions/Comments: takeonlifepodcast@gmail.com.

6th Annual Scott Baio Charity Golf Tournament

BBAF hosts an Annual Golf Tournament, dinner and silent auction. This event is our main fundraiser and helps us support our Mission.
We hold our tournament in September or October every year. As the event approaches you will find information here, including: dates, registration forms and other important information for those who wish to donate items for the auction, participate in the golf tournament and/or attend the dinner and silent auction.

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The Scott Baio Podcast

Scott Baio on “Hollywood Bias – Being a Republican in the Entertainment Business”

Courting Mom and Dad

Courting Mom and Dad is a heartwarming family comedy about three kids who find themselves at their wit’s end when they discover that their parents are divorcing. The resourceful kids come together to hatch a plot—a last-ditch effort to save their family. With the help of a rather eccentric personal injury attorney, the children creatively stall the proceedings just long enough to give their parents time to rediscover the spark that once ignited their love.

Scott Baio discusses Justin Bieber


Daytime Emmy [Nominee] (1981)

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Children’s Programming – Performers For episode “Stoned”.

Festival Award [Winner] (2002)

Best Actor

Young Artist Award [Nominee] (1983)

Best Young Actor in a New Television Series

Young Artist Award [Nominee] (1982)

Best Young Actor in a Television Series

Daytime Emmy [Nominee] (1985)

Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Program
For episode “All the Kids Do It”.

TV Land Award [Winner] (2006)

Most Wonderful Wedding

Young Artist Award [Winner] (1982)

Best Young Actor in a Television Special
For episode “Stoned (#9.4)”.

OFTA Television Award [Nominee] (2005)

Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series

TV Land Award [Winner] (2004)

Favorite Teen Dream – Male

Young Artist Award [Winner] (1982)

Best Young Comedian – Motion Picture or Television

Young Artist Award [Nominee] (1981)

Best Young Comedian

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